Women Socks – how to find the best ones

Women socks are available in many sizes and they can be categorized as small, medium, large and extra large. Women should assume the size that they need according to the shoe size they wear. The small size socks are appropriate for women who wear small shoe sizes within the size range of 3 to 7. Like wise, the size range of 7-10 matches with medium size socks and for women wearing 10-13 shoe sizes, large shoe socks are needed while the shoe sizes above 13 should need extra large Women socks. For casual outings, crew socks are ideal with shoes similar to hiking boots.  

For office wear, many formal socks with one colour designs are available. Most are made of cotton, lace etc which are comfortable to the wearer’s feet during their lengthy working hours. Women can wear trouser socks matching their uniforms or formal dresses to their offices. Normal women socks are not suitable for those who have various health problems. Special women socks are available now for women, who have varicose veins, diabetes or any other feet related illnesses. With shoes, the appropriate socks also can differ. For wearing with boots that cover above the ankle, long Women Socks are ideal.  

For casual trips, many sock designs are available. Women wearing frocks or shorts can find the ideal lengthy socks to match with their lower part of dresses. While providing good looks to the wearers, the long socks provide the wearers’ legs protection from dust. Special socks to wear at night such as angora socks are also available. They provide warmth to the feet during cold wintery seasons. Women socks are produced with materials such as nylon, cotton, wool, polyester, acrylic, olefins, spandex etc. They are also made with bamboo, cashmere, linen, mohair and silk fabrics. Women will find that the materials such as cotton, linen, bamboo, silk etc., are very comfortable to the feet.  Custom personalized socks

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