What to Expect From a Professional Car Detailing Service

The interior and exterior of a car sustain a lot of damage through normal use. A professional car detailing service will correct many minor imperfections and will cover the paintwork with a high-quality layer of protection to prevent future damage. Many car detailing companies also perform other procedures, such as headlight restoration and chrome polishing, that enhance the appearance of a vehicle.

Car Detailing

A professional detailer will thoroughly wash your vehicle to remove a large proportion of dirt and debris. Once the car is dry, they will apply a clay bar treatment. This is a low-tech process in which a lump of clay is pressed against the surface of the clear coat to remove bonded contaminants such as industrial fallout, metal particles and dirt. The claying step will prepare the clear coat for waxing and will also open up the pores of the surface so that the wax or sealant can penetrate more easily.

Once the clear coat is protected, most services will perform a three-step process to correct the vehicle’s paint. They will clean the paint, wet sand it and then polish it to smooth and restore the shine. The sanding and polishing will remove the fine scratches that are unavoidable from normal use of a car, and they will smooth out the paint texture to give it an attractive, glossy shine.

The last step in the paint correction process is a waxing, which protects the new clear coat from weather elements and helps it retain its gloss for a long time. Some services will also add a scuff-resistant coating to the clear coat, which will further help your car look shiny and protect it from scratching or staining.

Interior Detailing

Most full-service auto detailing services include a thorough cleaning of the vehicle’s interior. Most reputable services will vacuum and clean all surfaces, including hard-to-reach areas such as the trunk and glove box. All vinyl and leather surfaces will be treated and cleaned, either with brushes or a steam cleaner, to keep them looking fresh. All doors and windows will be cleaned, and the glass will be wiped down to remove streaks and spots. Many detailing services will also clean the engine bay, which can be dangerous if done incorrectly, and they may even apply a protective coating to the rubber and silicone parts to help them last longer.

Regardless of the exact services offered by a particular detailing company, it is important to choose one that has good reviews from customers. The Internet can be a valuable resource for finding reviews of a specific service provider, and there are numerous sites that provide an aggregate rating based on the number of reviews that were posted. The Better Business Bureau is a trustworthy source of information, and they can also help you avoid rogue businesses that don’t deserve your business. In addition, many car detailing companies are affiliated with organizations that certify their responsibility and reliability. These affiliations will help you find a reputable service provider.

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