What Is Plumbing

Star Plus Plumbing is the process of distributing fresh, clean water and removing waste from homes and businesses. It is vital to human survival and plays a key role in the health of individuals, families and communities. Without it, people would be faced with serious issues such as contaminated drinking water and improper waste disposal that can have severe consequences on health.

The plumbing industry is a substantial part of every developed economy. It is a skilled trade that requires both practical knowledge and technical expertise. Typically, plumbers attend trade school or community college to earn their certifications, and some also take on learn-while-you-earn apprenticeships in addition to classroom study. Some choose to enter the field as apprentices for established companies, while others open their own independent plumbing businesses.

A plumber’s job entails the installation, repair and maintenance of piping systems and fixtures in residential and commercial buildings. Oftentimes, plumbers work on pipes that carry fresh water for consumption and to heat and cool building structures. Other times, plumbers are called to address leaky or clogged toilets and drains. Regardless of the project, all plumbing jobs must adhere to the local building codes and blueprints in order to be completed correctly. The plumber should always present a written estimate to the client prior to beginning any work. If the client disagrees with any portion of the estimated cost, it is advisable for both parties to work together to reach an agreement or seek legal advice if necessary.

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