What is Dry Needling canton?

Dry needling canton is a technique performed by licensed health professionals who use filiform needles to penetrate the skin and/or underlying tissues for the evaluation and treatment of neuromuscular conditions, pain, movement impairments and disability. It is commonly used in conjunction with physical therapy to treat muscle and tendon pain.

A trigger point is a sensitive knot in a palpable taut band of skeletal muscle fibers that develops when muscles are over-tightened and can cause pain, tenderness and restriction of motion. Dry needling is a highly specific and effective treatment for trigger points, which are often the primary source of pain in up to 85 percent of patients with pain-related injuries.

Unlike traditional acupuncture, which is based on Chinese medicine, dry needling uses western medical principles and research to target muscles that are tight or painful in order to help the body heal. It also uses a shorter needle length and is sometimes paired with electrical stimulation for an enhanced effect on the irritable muscle.

While many people may be nervous about the idea of a needle stuck into their bodies, dry needling is extremely safe and has minimal side effects. There may be some mild soreness after the procedure, but this typically lasts 1-2 days and can be alleviated with heat or massage.

If you are suffering from a chronic pain or injury, ask your North Boulder physical therapist if dry needling is an appropriate treatment option. They are trained to perform this treatment safely and effectively as part of a comprehensive physical therapy approach to help you heal faster.

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