What is a Thailand Privilege Visa?

A Thailand privilege is a visa that offers many benefits to those who want to live or vacation in the country. It bypasses the normal age, financial, and education requirements of other visa options. With this type of visa, individuals can visit or reside in the country for years, well into retirement age for most. Aside from the visa itself, the program includes complementary VIP services such as a dedicated elite personal assistant for international flights and lounge access. It also has a 24-hour member contact center that operates in several languages.

There are different packages available, but the top of the line is the Elite Ultimate Privilege visa that is valid for 20 years. This is ideal for people who have tasted the Thai lifestyle and know that they want to live there permanently. It comes with a one-time fee that is paid on visa approval, meaning there is no risk if the visa is denied. The visa can also be extended to include family members.

Regardless of which package a person chooses, they will be treated like royalty as soon as they arrive in the country. A limousine will greet them at the airport and they will be escorted to their hotel or residence in Bangkok (and outskirts), Chiang Mai downtown, Phuket, or Samui. Once they get settled, they can enjoy a number of exclusive discounts and promotions at countless shops, spas, golf courses, and luxury hotels.

The Elite Privilege card is available to foreign nationals who have tasted the Thai lifestyle and know they want to live there for decades. It offers them the opportunity to do so with a 10-year visa that is not subject to the usual requirement of having to exit and reenter the country. The visa can also be extended to include any family members for a small additional fee.

While the cost of this visa is higher than other options, it comes with a number of benefits that make it a good choice for singles, remote workers, retirees, entrepreneurs, and potential investors who are looking to move to the country permanently. The visa is also a good option for those who have already moved to the country but wish to avoid the hassle and costs of getting a work permit.

If a person decides that the Elite Privilege visa is right for them, they can apply through one of the company’s registered agents. These agents can assist with the visa application while in Thailand or from their home country. They will provide one-on-one service and will keep in touch with the applicants to give them updates on the status of their visa applications.

There are other options for people who wish to stay in Thailand for longer periods, but none of them offer the benefits that come with the Elite Ultimate Privilege visa. The only other long-term visa in the country requires a minimum of 12 months of residency and imposes restrictions on who can apply for it. Thailand privilege

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