What Does OP Mean on Reddit?

If you are a regular member of the popular reddit sub-community, then you are probably aware of the fact that many of the users there use a word called ‘Op’ in their text messages. But what is the actual meaning of ‘Op’ and how does it come into use?


In case you haven’t heard of it, Reddit is a content aggregator that offers users a platform to share and discuss content. It’s a bit like a cross between Delicious and Slashdot. There are more than 1 million and a half registered users from 178 countries. Compared to Facebook’s 901 million users, Reddit’s user base is much smaller.

Despite the site’s popularity, Reddit has had its fair share of controversy. The site has changed its editorial policies a few times to curb the ills of the past. Some of the changes have involved banning the sharing of non-public, personally identifiable information. Other changes have made it more difficult for ad hominems to thrive.

When it first launched, Reddit was more of a bulletin board than a community. Users would submit links under different usernames. As time went on, though, communities began to emerge. They were a bit more utilitarian at first, but eventually started gaining the steam.

One of the most popular subreddits was r/gadgets. These communities were the hub of the Reddit ecosystem and boasted a number of popular forums. Likewise, r/worldnews was another popular community.

As the site matured, the founders of Reddit figured out that they needed to take a more active role. This meant moving the operation to Boston. Meanwhile, they sold the site to Conde Nast for several million dollars.

Eventually, the site became self-sufficient. Today, Reddit’s most popular subreddits are r/science, r/politics and r/gaming. Although the site’s user base has exploded over the past few years, it remains relatively small compared to competitors Facebook and Twitter. However, it is still an important online destination and has a lot to offer its users. So if you’re looking for some great content, you’re sure to find it on Reddit.

Probably the best part about Reddit is that it isn’t limited to a single niche. As long as you have an interest, you can join a Reddit community. If you’re into technology, politics or even just cats, there’s a community for you. With that in mind, you should check out Origins on Reddit.

Meaning of “OP” in texting

When you’re writing to your friends on Reddit, you’re going to use a term called “OP”. However, what does it mean? It’s a common acronym used online, and it has a few different meanings depending on its context. Knowing its meaning will help you to communicate more effectively.

There are two main uses for the acronym “OP”: one is to refer to the original poster of a discussion thread, and the other is to refer to the original creator of a post on a social media platform. Both of these uses are quite common. You may even find that you’re using the acronym in your own tweets.

The word OP first appeared in Urban Dictionary in 2003. Since then, it’s become a staple of internet slang and has also begun to be used in online forums and video games.

For example, on Reddit, OP usually refers to the person who started a discussion thread. Occasionally, it’s also used to refer to an overpowered character or item in a game. Another common use is to discuss the best way to handle a difficult boss in a video game.

OP is also a very common acronym on Twitter. This site has a character limit of 280 characters, so users often break longer material into multiple tweets.

Other popular uses for the term include “Ask Me Anything” threads, which are used to ask questions to the OP. OG, or Original Gangster, is another internet slang initialism for a person who is extraordinary.

Many online acronyms have multiple meanings, but OP is one that has two different uses depending on its context. In addition to being a term for the original poster, OP can also be used to refer to the person who sent the first tweet, or to the person who starts a thread on a message board.

OP is especially prevalent on Reddit. Reddit is a social media website that hosts discussions about a variety of topics. Users use certain terminology and slang, which helps to keep the discussion unified. Usually, the OP of a thread will use the Internet acronym “ITT” in the title of the thread, but these days, that’s less common.

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