What Are the Options for a Conservatory Roof Replacement?

Having a conservatory is an ideal way to enjoy your garden in comfort throughout the year. It provides you with a tranquil space to relax away from your kitchen or living room and adds value to your property. However, over time it is natural for these structures to start to deteriorate and require work. When you see your conservatory beginning to show signs of wear and tear it is a good idea to consider the possibility of a roof replacement. This can transform your conservatory from a draughty, leaky and cold space into an extra living area that you will be able to use all year round.

What Are the Options for a Conservatory Roof Replacement?

When deciding to upgrade your conservatory with a new tiled roof there are a number of different roofing systems that you can choose from. These include the Livinroof and Ultraroof which both have high vaulted ceilings that create a spacious feel inside the room. Both of these roofs have a tiled finish that will complement your existing home décor and can be designed in a variety of colours including slate grey, black or reddish-brown.

If you prefer a more modern option then there is the Leka roof system. This is a polycarbonate roof with a lightweight yet robust design. It is available in a range of colours and comes with a 40 year guarantee. It is also energy efficient and holds JHAI approval ensuring that it meets Building Regulations.

Both of these roof systems are easy to install and come with the choice of coloured frames. You can even have roof windows installed to provide additional light and ventilation in your new conservatory. When choosing a tradesman for your conservatory roof replacement make sure that they have experience of working with this type of product. It is also worth checking online reviews and contacting the tradesman directly to understand their level of knowledge and competence.

Investing in a solid conservatory roof can add a huge amount of value to your property. This will be particularly noticeable if you plan to sell up in the future as potential buyers will be drawn to the addition. It will also help to give your house a distinctive feature that will set it apart from others on the market. In a report by On The Market, they state that an upgraded conservatory can increase the overall value of your home by up to 12%. This is a fantastic return on investment that will prove invaluable in the long run. conservatory roof replacement

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