Water Soluble Bag Manufacturers

Manufacturer of water soluble bags for textile, medical and agro chemical applications. Products include cold and hot water soluble laundry bags, clear and red plastic resealable pouches with tie tape closures. Bags are made of polyvinyl alcohol (PVA) and can be used in cold or hot wash cycle. Products are available in a variety of sizes from 26 x 33 to 36 x 39 inches and 0.8 mil thickness. They can also be custom printed and embossed. Capabilities include flexography, lamination, die cutting and printing services.

PVA is a thermoplastic polymer that has a high degree of solubility in various types of liquids such as water, oils and aqueous solutions. It is highly abrasion resistant, durable and possesses good mechanical properties such as tensile strength and rigidity. It is also highly transparent, heat-resistant and flexible, making it suitable for a wide range of applications. PVA is also environmentally friendly and biodegradable. Its low molecular weight and low viscosity make it ideal for many applications such as coating, printing and packaging.

The water soluble fabric bags are available in different types depending on their application and are commonly made from a plasticized PVA. The permeability of the fabric is determined by the degree of hydrolysis of the PVA. Higher degrees of hydrolysis produce a more dense, rugged fabric that is less prone to tearing or stretching. The permeability of the fabric is also affected by its chemistry and its chemical structure, which influences its ability to absorb moisture.

Water soluble fabrics are widely used in the production of textiles. Besides providing a safe environment for workers, they also ensure accurate metering, reduce waste and facilitate the cleaning of machinery. They are a great choice for industries that are concerned about the environmental impact of their work. They can be easily decomposed in a natural environment and are not harmful to marine life or human beings.

Unlike traditional plastic bags, these bags are completely biodegradable and are derived from renewable resources. They are designed to withstand multiple washing cycles and are free of chemicals such as phthalates, bisphenol A and BPA. They are also free of dyes, odors, heavy metals and chlorine bleaches.

These water soluble bags are ideal for hospitals, nursing homes, hotels and other establishments that want to reduce the risk of cross-infection. They prevent direct contact between staff and contaminated laundry and provide an easy way to store, transport and wash linens. They are also an economical alternative to plastic bags, which can cost up to five times as much.

Another type of water soluble bags is a composite uniplanar PVA film, which consists of strips of cold and hot water soluble plastic films bonded together at their longitudinal ends. The cold water soluble portion dissolves in cold water, while the hot water soluble portion dissolves upon increasing the temperature of the water. The resulting bag is completely disposable and provides a convenient and economical method for handling laundry in the hospital. water soluble bag manufacturers

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