Voice Over Artists – Making a Living As a Freelance Professional

Whether it’s a character in the latest video game or an e-learning course on how to operate a mechanical press, voice over artists are responsible for breathing life into an audio script. A popular career choice, new performers flock to the profession every day, drawn by flexible work from home and dream of narrating the next Disney-Pixar blockbuster. But a fast-paced, often stressful industry with lightning-fast turnaround times and stiff competition can be challenging for new voice actors.

For those seeking a long-term career in the field, establishing their brand as a voice actor is key to survival. Creating a demo recording showcasing your skills is the best way to stand out from the crowd, but it’s not an easy task. It takes time and commitment to hone your craft, and many professional voice actors rely on vocal coaches to help them achieve their goals.

A career in voice acting is a good fit for those with clear diction and the ability to read quickly. In addition to the necessary skills, a voice over artist must have a strong work ethic. It’s not unusual for freelance professionals to find themselves working at all hours of the night, meeting deadlines and fulfilling job requests. When not in front of a microphone, they might be continuing their voice lessons, pursuing new professional skills or taking care of the myriad responsibilities that come with managing their own small business.

While it’s difficult for many newcomers to make a living solely as a voice over artist, some of the most successful freelance professionals have found that the profession offers plenty of opportunities for growth. By building relationships with major voice agencies and sources of repeat work, new voice actors can grow their portfolios and their paychecks.

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