Voice Actor Training – Getting Started in Voice Overs

The voice is an actor’s most powerful tool, able to convey nuance and quite literally breathe life into texts. Voice training is not only essential to the actor’s craft, but also critical for maintaining vocal health in daily life and preventing aural disorders such as overuse.

Getting started in voice overs isn’t a quick process and requires a lot of hard work, dedication and investment. Whether you are looking to pursue this career as a full-time endeavor or just want to earn some extra income, you will need a high-quality home studio, professional-grade microphone and the right coaching to launch your voiceover business.

Beyond having a unique and ear-catching voice, successful VO artists possess a suite of soft skills including an authentic connection to the text, storytelling abilities, versatility, and marketing and business acumen. A good voice over coach can help you learn these skills while guiding you through the often complicated process of creating an impressive demo reel.

Unlike other creative industries, getting jobs as a voiceover artist requires substantial networking. Many VO artists rely on social media groups to find auditions and gigs, as well as attending virtual events hosted by fellow talent. In addition, it is important to have a professional-grade recording setup that allows you to deliver your best performance in any scenario. Finally, a quality demo reel is a vital component of landing work as it shows clients that you have the experience and range necessary to take on their projects. Voice actor training

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