Vintage Turkish Rugs

Vintage turkish rugs are renowned for their timeless allure, expert craftsmanship, and storied heritage. They can rework any space in your home with their vivacious patterns and classic aesthetic. These intricate designs and patterns, influenced by tribal traditions and folklore, are woven with fine wool or silk and are hand-knotted.

When searching for a rug online, the term you use can make or break your results. For example, if you search something broad like oriental rug or boho rug, you’ll get a mix of styles from all over the world – including many newly manufactured rugs that have design trends in mind. If you narrow your search to Turkish rug, however, you’ll see a more focused selection of one-of-a-kind vintage finds.

A major component of the rug weaving traditions of the Ottoman Empire, Turkey’s antique rugs were some of the first wave to be exported to the West during the great Oriental revival of the mid-nineteenth century. The geometric motifs of these antique turkish rugs, often set against softer colors, were so revered that they even made their way into the paintings of European Renaissance artists like Memling and Lotto.

If you’re on the hunt for a vintage Turkish rug, consider shopping with smaller Etsy sellers who travel to these areas several times a year in order to stock up on authentic rugs and other goods. This way, they cut out the mark-up you’d get from an American-based seller and can pass along savings to their customers.

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