Used Beauty Salon Equipment – What the Customers Don’t Know Won’t Kill Em’!

Do you go to one of those glamorous, hoity-toity salons where they charge hundreds upon hundreds of dollars to make you beautiful but you don’t care because to you, it’s worth every penny? In so many of these trendy, hip salons and spas where you think every piece of equipment there is as shiny as a brand new penny, you may be surprised to find out that many of the pieces are actually used pieces. It’s true! Used beauty salon equipment does not have to mean that it is broken, dirty or in many cases very outdated. Some salons do not have as much success and have to close up shop for whatever reason and they will sell their equipment to other salons for a great deal. One of those salons just very well may be your super trendy salon!

There are many ways you can find where used salon equipment is being sold. Many times salons that are closing or are receiving new items will call other local salons in their area or post a listing in the local papers advertising what they are selling. Being able to go into the salons to see first hand what condition these pieces are in is definitely a plus. There are many online used equipment businesses on the web. Many of these companies offer incredible prices, but the only downfall is that you can’t tell for sure what condition they are in. You can only trust the description that the company gives. Most of these used equipment companies have a no-return policy, so you are definitely taking a risk, but most of the times these companies are reputable and your risk is proven unfounded.

If you do not wish to have used beauty salon equipment out where your customers can see them, there is absolutely no reason why you can’t buy used pieces and use them in the back rooms or in places where a customer would never know that they are not brand new, nor would they care. Product display shelves that house nail polish and hair styling products are often times recycled from another salon. The same goes for washing stations, where the only things the customer sees in this area is the ceiling as they rest their necks on the back of the sinks. As long as these pieces are in good working order and look decent, there is no reason why you shouldn’t be budget mindful and buy secondhand or used salon pieces. Équipements de pédicure

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