Understanding French Wine

Even though French wine has been produced in more than a few regions throughout France, the quantity and quality produced vary largely. There are districts that produce at least 50 to 60 million hectoliters of wine each year. These are the areas that have at least 7-8 billion bottles of wine. Today, France is only the world’s second-largest vineyard area. The leader in vineyards is Italy. France competes with Spain for the position of being the world’s largest wine producer. The French wines had exports of 17.6% in 2005. The history of wines goes back to the 6th century BC.

There are only a few countries that correctly use wine in French cooking. These are the ones that have altered wine-making standards the way France has. Today the art of winemaking in France is regarded to be as old as the country itself. But over the decades many segments of society have emerged as cultivators of good quality French wine. These include the peasants who made the wine and drank from vineyards and also the rich who have appreciated the most expensive of wines.

The process of making wine in France was not always smooth. It is said that during the Roman era the emperor issued a decree to shut down all vineyards outside Italy. But as time passed France emerged in winemaking but this wine was not made for drinking alone, it had been used for different kinds of French cooking. There are different styles of French cooking that include the use of wine as a vital ingredient. It is said that the richness of the wine adds to the flavor and taste of the food.

The use of dry wine has been fairly common in French cooking. There are various kinds of white wines available but most of the times dry white wines are used extensively used for cooking. The idea of using dry white wine in cooking helps to preserve the sweetness and flavor of a dish. As compared to the red wine the food cooked in white wine retains its authentic taste. The wine associated with a particular food is also used as a drink along with the meal. There are various means of using wine in French cooking.

For instance, you can marinate a particular fish or meat in the wine for added flavor. One can try the option of marinating with meat, cheese and even vegetables. The items which are marinated in wine tend to have a delicate flavor. It is seen that the alcohol content present in wine evaporates. This leaves behind a flavor that really adds to the taste of the dish. However, you should be careful about the quantity of wine used in cooking. Adding too much wine can cause an unsavory flavor, which will in turn spoil the entire taste of the dish rather than making it a culinary delight. best wine tours in Willamette Valley

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