Top 5 Employee Communication Apps

When selecting an employee communication app, it’s important to understand the needs of your organization. This will help you narrow down the options and find the perfect software for your company.

The best employee communication apps facilitate both chat and videoconferencing. They also allow employees to collaborate on projects and share files with their peers.


Fuze is a cloud-based communications solution that offers calling, meeting, messaging, and more. Its features include enterprise voice, HD video, and modern messaging. Its platform also allows users to communicate across multiple devices. This integration enables employees to work on their own schedules and meet when it is most convenient for them.

Fuze also includes network-level prioritization to ensure optimal quality and enables smooth transitions between wifi and cellular networks. It also includes programmable muting and snoozing cycles that help users control their mobile collaboration experience.

Fuze is a good tool that pairs well with many third-party business apps. Its messaging, meetings, and video conferencing all come in one app that can eliminate the need to juggle multiple apps throughout the day. This helps teams get more work done without missing important information. It is important to note, however, that it only supports up to 20 outside contributors on its highest price point. This may be too limited for some teams.

Workforce Insights

Workforce Insights accelerates the people decision pipeline with sophisticated data analytics placed directly into the hands of HR users. IBM’s powerful technology helps talent leaders uncover answers to critical workforce questions and predict the impact of various HR decisions on employee experience.

pymetrics uses evergreen, bidirectional, de-biased, predictive soft skills data to help you better understand and harness your workforce’s hidden potential. For example, a company using pymetrics was able to compare individuals’ attributes with how comfortable they felt working from home and identify those with the best chance of optimally navigating remote work.

To enable the Workforce Insights feature, create a dashboard with at least one chart that measures a specific Business Process Modeling Notation (BPMN) process. You will then be prompted to choose a measurement.


Trello is a collaborative task management tool that features boards, lists, and cards. It is based on the Kanban method and allows teams to organize projects in flexible ways. It also supports customization and automation. It is available on desktop and mobile devices, which makes it easy to use even when you’re not at work.

Its kanban-style boards allow users to easily visualize their project workflow and track progress. Its drag-and-drop functionality allows team members to prioritize tasks and move them around the board. The app is free for teams of up to five people, and it offers a premium plan that provides additional features and functionality.

Trello’s powerful mobile app is a fan favorite, distilling project management down to just a few taps. It also integrates with Slack and Google Drive, allowing teams to share files quickly and easily. It also allows teams to link cards to Slack direct messages and receive automated notifications of changes on their boards and cards.


Founded in 2014, Simpplr is based in Milpitas and offers what is essentially an intranet software platform. It enables employees to create profiles, follow users, share content and engage in surveys or polls via their personalized feeds. It also allows managers to create social workspaces and customize them for various departments or teams.

It helps boost employee engagement through features such as pulse surveys, recognition shoutouts, milestone celebrations and new starter introduction videos. It also analyzes employee feedback to help course-correct and improve the overall workplace experience.

In addition to centralized internal communications, the Simpplr platform also includes a native calendar feature that syncs with Google Calendar. This ensures that employees don’t miss any important company news. Its deep integration with Slack also enables employees to easily access important updates and announcements from within their preferred digital workplace app. The platform also offers a mobile-responsive intranet site and native mobile apps.

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