Tips For Online Dating Photography

Online dating photography is a new form of portraiture designed to help people looking for love on dating apps and websites. It’s important to hire a photographer who understands the unique challenges of these types of shoots. This type of portraiture requires a combination of head shots, full body photos, and photos that showcase a person’s interests and hobbies in a natural way. A photographer who specializes in this type of work will be able to capture a variety of shots that will be sure to grab the attention of potential dates.

A great online dating photographer will use tried and tested techniques to make the subject feel at ease and relaxed. A professional can also help guide the subject into poses that are more flattering. This is particularly important for women, as the angle of the camera can significantly affect how a person looks in their shots. For example, the ideal shot for a woman who is interested in athletics might be an action photo with their arms raised or a close-up of them working on a sport’s equipment.

The best online dating photos will have a variety of smiles and expressions. Potential matches do not want to see a smile that comes off as fake or overly slimmed down. They also do not want to see the same smile across multiple photographs. A great photographer will be able to capture several different smiles and expressions that are authentic and revealing of the person in the shot.

When choosing a location for an online dating shoot, consider a spot that reflects your interests and personality. For instance, if you’re an outdoor enthusiast, a shot at a local park or in the woods will show your desire to be outdoors and may inspire a future date to join you on your next hiking trip. Likewise, if you’re an active member of a community, a photo at a local sports league or charity event will convey your commitment to a cause.

Many people use actor headshots or selfies as their profile photos, but these are not always the best choice for dating photography. A high-quality, professional photo will stand out amongst the low-quality selfies and headshots on dating sites and apps. Investing in high-quality photos will also likely increase your number of swipes, likes and matches.

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