The Versatility of Diamond Burrs

diamond burrs are rotary tools that are used to grind, smooth and shape materials. They can be used on hard materials like glass, stone and metal as well as softer ones such as plastic and wood. A dental professional might use a diamond bur to create the shape of a crown or bridge, to cut and remove zirconia, and to finish the surface of a ceramic inlay.

A diamond bur is typically made of a steel shaft with a diamond-tipped tip that can be sharpened to reshape the head and to cut a precise, controlled shape into a material. The diamond-tipped tip is bonded to the steel shaft using a special process that allows it to be sharpened multiple times. The type of cutting grit on the diamond is what determines how the diamond bur can be used. For example, a coarser diamond can be used for rough grinding and cutting while a finer grit is more useful for etching and smoothing surfaces.

The versatility of diamond burs makes them an indispensable tool for a wide range of clinical indications. In a recent clinical evaluation of two types of Two Striper diamond burs, 27 Catapult Education Evaluators ranked “speed of cutting” as the number one attribute that they value in a bur and identified multiple other attributes that were important as well: variety of shapes and grits, feel and handling, lack of vibration or chatter, and durability.

Depending on the specific indication, a dentist might choose to use either a diamond or carbide bur. In some cases, the decision might be based on the material the restoration is being created from: diamond burs are better equipped to cut and remove zirconia than carbide ones, and there are diamond-only products designed specifically for this purpose. The other consideration is whether to choose multi-use or single-use dental diamond burs.

Single-use dental diamond burs have three primary benefits: saving time, preventing infection and improving precision. They eliminate the need for sterilization since they are disposable and not heat tolerant, making them safer to work with than multi-use burs. They also allow dental professionals to focus more energy on their patients and their procedures.

These Hi-Tech Diamond point-shaped sintered diamond burs feature a diamond head that is evenly electroplated with 120# diamond grit and impregnated onto the steel. Each diamond bur has a 1-1/2″ long mandrel shank that’s 3/32″ in diameter and conveniently fits into a Foredom, Dremel with 3/32″ collet or any flex shaft hand piece that accepts 3/32″ diameter shanks. They’re available in ten different size ranges, 1 mm through 10 mm. Just lubricate the bur with clean water before and during use. Each sintered diamond bur is backed by a one-year warranty against manufacturer defect.

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