The Rise of Click and Collect

Click and Trip offers award-winning business travel management alongside an award-winning booking platform that reduces the cost and complexity of managing global business travel. The company’s unique approach is designed to empower travellers with the control they need to make informed decisions that drive savings, whilst still offering industry-leading customer service and policy compliance.

The pandemic is one of the main reasons for click and collect’s recent surge, but people are also embracing pickup options because they help them feel in control of their purchases and meet their needs. For example, a shopper can browse online for the items they need, read product descriptions and view a clear total price as they shop, which makes them feel more confident in their purchase. They can then buy online, either in-store or curbside, and pick up their purchases within a designated time frame, which eliminates shipping costs.

Link Click, a spring 2021 anime on Funimation, takes this concept to the next level with its use of time travel through photography. The show’s two protagonists, Cheng Xiaoshi and Lu Guang, are photographers who can see 12 hours into the future after taking photos of their subjects, which allows them to solve crimes or deliver messages for loved ones. But despite the added benefits of their time-traveling powers, they still have to stick to a few rules. Click and Trip

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