The Hidden Secrets of Photography Marketing With YouTube

At first glance, photography marketing with YouTube seems like the hype of the internet marketing world – lots of noise and shiny things – very little substance. Even after opening an account with YouTube, uploading some videos and getting a subscriber here and there – most of us fail to fully appreciate the power of photography marketing with YouTube.

First of all, YouTube is a “social network” like Facebook, Twitter, and numerous popular websites. This is a benefit many users fail to fully recognize. Social networks allow (and encourage) communication exchanges. Also, unlike many photographers’ websites aren’t “smartphone friendly,” videos on YouTube are displayed perfectly on smartphones and modern cell phones. That benefit in itself is reason enough to consider photography marketing with YouTube. This benefit has the capacity to expose and display your work through many more channels. (Currently, there are 2 billion websites in the world and 5 billion cell phones – it is to our advantage to make sure that our ‘web presence’ is accessible to many more potential clients – also, it’s a blast to be able to display our work around the world!)

Many photographers are very reluctant to display their work online because they fear their work being stolen (a legitimate and reasonable fear). With easily available software like Jing, Camtasia, Picasa, Animoto, PowerPoint and Keynote, we can now take our photos, make videos of them, and distribute them online (with links back to us). Video sharing websites such as YouTube, Vimeo and others, offers more platforms for photographers to display our work. And that can only be a good thing!

One of the most powerful components of having photography marketing with YouTube is your YouTube channel. This is “literally” your own television/movie channel. You can use it to display your work. And you can also use it to build your brand as a photographer. Many business owners use their channel as their Customer Support Department. They make 2-3 minute videos answering the most frequently asked questions that their customers ask them and upload them to their channel. They advertise and include their channel website address in all of their advertising. Smart photographers should do the same thing, in my opinion.

Initially, I made the mistakes of not tapping into the full power of YouTube. In fact, I accidentally “bumped into” the power of video marketing by buying an internet marketing course. The course was teaching participants how to use Animoto (a free video making software) to make marketing videos for their business. Participants were also referred to sites where they could find photos. As a photographer, my lights went on. I began witnessing the effectiveness of video marketing. I became a believer.

Eventually, I began taking a different look at the YouTube channel that I had and how I was under utilizing it. And kaboom! The unparalleled power of YouTube shattered my past conceptions of photography marketing.

Recently, I shot a session with a model from Brazil. She told me that she had found me and ‘kept up with me’ through my YouTube channel – I live in southern California. Photography marketing with YouTube works – and works very well! By the way, have I mentioned yet that YouTube is free to use? You can upload an unlimited number of videos.

I offer more info and examples on my website. But, I think that you get the message. You should, at least, do yourself a favor and take a look. Marketing your photography with YouTube will also work for you and your photography.

Kalem Aquil is a ‘semi-burnt-out’ photographer that dispenses free, unsolicited (yet, very good and accurate) tips and advice to budding photographers that want to take their photography business to the next level. He dispenses such advice to budding photographers such as “where to start,” “what to charge,” “how to know if you’re really, really ready,” etc. etc. etc. buy youtube social shares

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