The Best Pickup Lines to Make Her Think of You Again

We’ve rounded up the best cheesy pickup lines to make you laugh, cringe, and maybe even score that date. These pick up lines are great for starting conversations in a bar, at work, or even on a dating app. They’re sure to leave a lasting impression and make her think of you again.

The key to using these types of pickup lines is to deliver them with confidence and a playful energy. If you’re not able to pull it off, she will see right through you and likely avoid talking to you again.

Overtly sexual pickup lines are a classic way to spark conversation but are often overkill. They communicate that you’re a player looking to hook up or are trying to get her attention in an inappropriate way. Women are used to overtly sexual behavior and it usually turns them off.

Overtly sexual pickup lines are also not well received in more professional settings. They are a good pick up line if you’re in an industry where they are acceptable. If you’re in a workplace or an educational environment, they will most likely be met with silence. Overall, the best pick up lines are ones that don’t overstate your intentions but instead showcase a genuine curiosity about her. If you can do this with confidence and energy, she will be more inclined to continue the conversation.

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