The Benefits of an Air Cooler

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An air cooler is an easy, inexpensive alternative to an air conditioner. It takes advantage of the natural process of evaporative cooling to automatically cool your home. It works by drawing in hot air and passing it through thick pads that have been soaked in water. The hot air passes over the pads, and the water evaporates, lowering the temperature of the air that’s released back into your room.

The biggest benefit of an air cooler is that it’s much more affordable than an AC. It also doesn’t require installation, and since it’s portable, you can take it with you when you move. Plus, there’s no need to replace the filter like you would with an AC. The only drawback is that it’s not as effective in some climates, particularly if you live in a humid area.

Air coolers are also less intrusive than ACs, and they can be used in areas where you wouldn’t want to open a window or block the vent, such as an enclosed bedroom or office. Many of them can also be used in a garage, workshop or on a patio.

There are a lot of different kinds of air coolers on the market, but the one that works best in most homes is an evaporative model. It has a fan that draws in hot air, and it has pads with plenty of surface area that are saturated with water. When the fan blows over the pads, the water evaporates, lowering the air temperature. This cooling is similar to the effect of a wet towel on your forehead on a hot day.

Some models have an additional function to help with odors and allergens, and they often use negative ions to purify the air. These ions are naturally occurring and can have a positive impact on your health. They cling to pollen, dust and other particles in the air and make them heavy enough that they fall to the ground rather than floating in the air, where they could cause breathing problems or irritate your skin.

In addition to an air cooler, you might also want to consider a misting fan or a portable swamp cooler. These models use a special kind of water that’s mixed with ice to create a very cold mist, and they can be helpful in small spaces where an air cooler might be too loud or cumbersome.

Some air coolers come in alluring designs to blend with your decor. In the past, these appliances were mostly ugly and utilitarian, but newer models come in a variety of shapes and sizes to complement any decor style. Some even feature LED lights to give your space a more modern look.

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