TAG Heuer Battery Replacement – How Much Does it Cost to Replace a Tag Heuer Battery?

As a Swiss brand that’s been around since 1860, TAG Heuer has long been associated with luxury watches. Taking advantage of the new smartwatch market, TAG Heuer Connected is the latest product in the line-up. It has a sleek, attractive design and a host of features that make it an excellent option for those who want to stay connected on the go.

With a 410mAh battery, the Tag Heuer Connected has longer-than-average battery life for a modern smartwatch. The company claims it has enough power to last all day with standard use, and they even have a workout mode that will help to stretch the battery life.

However, even a high-quality watch requires regular maintenance and care. As such, it’s essential to have a trusted watch repair shop on hand when your Tag Heuer needs a replacement battery or other repairs. Having your watch serviced regularly by a professional watch repair expert will ensure that it continues to work well for years to come.

Battery replacement costs for TAG Heuer watches vary widely depending on the type of watch you have and the store where you get it serviced. On average, a complete service will cost $185. A quartz watch will typically run a bit less – about $110. If you have a Chronograph quartz model, you can expect to pay more – about $325.

If you don’t have a service center nearby, you can purchase a battery replacement kit online and try to fix the watch yourself. However, this isn’t a great idea because it could damage the internal components of your watch. A reputable watch repair shop will have the tools and parts needed to do the job correctly and without any damage.

In addition to replacing the battery, a full watch repair can include cleaning the case and bracelet, swapping out the gaskets, and testing it for water resistance. It’s always best to take your TAG Heuer watch to a professional for servicing so that you don’t accidentally void the warranty or damage the movement.

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