Socket Head Bolt

A Socket Head Bolt is a fastener with a large, cylindrical head and a hexagonal drive hole. These screws are easy to install, tighten or loosen and offer impressive clamping strengths that last for years. They are used in assembly lines and industrial production, including furniture manufacturing, the automotive sector and steel fabrication. They’re also commonly used in machine parts and die castings.

Socket Screws are available in a wide variety of diameters and lengths, and they’re often threaded across the shank. Some of them have nylon patches that add extra strength and prevent loosening over time due to vibration.

Whether you’re looking for a heavy-duty version or a light-duty option, Albany County Fasteners has a socket head screw for your needs. There’s even a low-head version that’s 50% lower than traditional socket screws, so you can use them when there isn’t enough room for a wrench hex screw.

You can find them in a wide variety of materials, including high-strength alloy steel and several different stainless steel grades. You can also find socket screws with a countersunk head for applications where appearance is important, or with a button head to resist slipping or catching. There are even socket shoulder screws with shear components, which allow them to hold parts in place while generating a compressive load rather than the typical tensile or lateral loads created by bolts and most other fasteners. This makes them ideal for supporting shear loads such as brake pedals and stamping die rails on printing presses.

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