Silver Kiddush Cup

A silver kiddush cup is a special Jewish ritual item that is used to make and recite the beracha over wine or grape juice for sanctifying Jewish holidays, Shabbat and other special occasions. A kiddush cup is placed on a tray next to a bencher, a small book with prayers and blessings and a bottle of kosher wine.

Kiddush (sanctification) is a very important Jewish religious practice that is performed at least twice a day – before meals and during prayer, to remember the miracle of God’s creation and the Exodus from Egypt. The Kiddush ceremony is a beautiful and joyful way to express thanks for all the blessings in one’s life and to appreciate the wonder of the Sabbath and the Holidays.

Usually a silver kiddush cup will be ornately decorated with vines and other symbols of growth and prosperity. The cup may also have initials and names engraved on it. Occasionally, there will be a simple town scape or a synagogue scene depicted on the cup.

A silver kiddush cup is a very precious item and it is very important to take care of it properly. It should be thoroughly cleaned before use and after each time it is used. If there are any scratches on the surface it is recommended to have them polished. It is also very important to dry a silver kiddush cup completely after each use to avoid mildew or tarnish. It is also a good idea to store it in a box when not in use to protect the cup from damage and to keep it clean. silver kiddush cup

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