Siberia Snus Review

Siberia snus is a modern Swedish snus brand that has gained an excellent reputation for the high nicotine content it contains. The high nicotine level is balanced with a great taste and practicality making it one of the world’s strongest snus. This makes Siberia snus a popular choice amongst experienced snus users who value strength, flavor, quality and practicality.

GN Tobacco, who manufactures Siberia snus, has long been known for its outstanding tobacco products – like the renowned Oden’s snus. Creating a super strong snus is no easy task and requires a lot of know-how and experience to get it right. And that is exactly what GN Tobacco has done with Siberia, creating a snus that meets the requirements for such an extreme snus.

The high nicotine level in Siberia snus is the result of finely ground tobacco that has been mixed with an intensely fresh spearmint flavour. The combination of these two elements gives the snus a unique taste that many snus users find hard to resist.

A typical can of Siberia snus contains about 43 milligrams of nicotine per gram which is equivalent to five portions of normal strong snus. This is an incredibly high amount and can be a bit overwhelming for new snus users at first. This is why it is recommended to start with a smaller can and gradually increase the quantity.

Each variety in the Siberia snus product line has its own distinct flavour and strengths but they all share a fresh and intense mint taste that lingers for a long time. The snus is delivered in white portion pouches that are drier than other snus varieties which minimises drip and prolongs the release of taste and nicotine. The snus is available in regular size portion bags, also called large portion, and slim size portion bags.

The snus is best stored in the refrigerator at 4-8 degrees Celsius, but larger quantities can be stored in the freezer as well without affecting the quality. This is because the snus can freeze in the same way that ice cubes do which allows the snus to retain its cold and refreshing taste.

There are three different Siberia variants; Siberia Red, Siberia Blue and Siberia Extremely Strong White Dry Portion. The latter is the strongest snus that you can purchase and releases an insanely high amount of nicotine combined with an icy-cold mint taste.

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