Sex Addiction Therapy

Sex addiction therapy involves identifying the underlying causes of compulsive sexual urges and behaviors. A therapist can also help you learn healthier coping strategies.

Often, people with sex addiction have learned to use sex as a way of escaping from emotional pain or feelings of isolation. As a result, they may experience a lack of emotional intimacy in their relationships and have difficulty forming healthy intimate bonds. A therapist can teach you healthy ways to address these problems in your relationships and build trust and empathy.

Sexual addiction therapy may take place in an outpatient setting or at a treatment center that specializes in treating sex addiction and other mental health disorders. Inpatient facilities offer the added benefit of being in a secure environment, free from potential triggers.

The most common type of sex addiction therapy is psychotherapy. This can be done in individual, group, or couples sessions. Cognitive-behavioral therapy is a popular option that helps clients identify unhealthy and unhelpful beliefs or perspectives about sex and replace them with more helpful ones. Another popular approach is acceptance and commitment therapy, which teaches clients to accept urges and behaviors that are out of their control while committing to strategies that promote values-based action.

Promiscuous sex can lead to the spread of infectious diseases such as HIV/AIDS, hepatitis, chlamydia, gonorrhea, and human papillomavirus. During sex addiction therapy, patients can learn how to protect themselves from these risks through healthy sex behaviors and communication.

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