RV Refrigerator Cooling Fans

The best rv refrigerator cooling fans help circulate the cold air in your fridge to keep temps more consistent and prevent food from expiring too quickly. They are a simple, affordable accessory that can greatly improve your refrigerator’s efficiency. This is especially true in humid environments or when there is a lot of stuff packed tightly into the fridge. The fans allow the evaporator coils to expend the heat absorbed in them more efficiently and help keep your refrigerator working at peak performance.

A good RV refrigerator fan has a high RPM rating, which means that it can spin at a very fast speed to provide the best cooling possible for your fridge. Some refrigerator fans also have a thermostat feature that turns the fan on and off automatically depending on the temperature of your fridge.

Another important thing to consider when shopping for an rv refrigerator cooling fan is its power consumption. Some refrigerator fans use a very large amount of energy, which can be a problem for your RV’s battery life. Others, like this one from Beech Lane, are very energy efficient and can run for up to a month with only two D batteries.

This fan can be mounted to the bottom of your refrigerator and plugs into the 12V light wire that is located in the back of your fridge. It draws a very small amount of power and is perfect for RV owners who want to add a fridge vent fan to their vehicle without affecting their fridge’s electrical system. It is also relatively cheap, which makes it a great option for RV owners on a budget. rv refrigerator cooling fans

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