Reusable Iced Coffee Cups

If you’re a fan of iced coffee, a reusable cup makes sipping it on the go easy. Simply fill it up, grab the lid and straw and head out the door. These reusable cups have features that make them perfect for on-the-go, like double-wall insulation to keep drinks cold, splash guards and lid options that allow you to drink with or without a straw. Plus, many of these cups are made from eco-friendly materials and are dishwasher-safe, so you can use them again and again.

Unlike disposable cups, these reusable ones don’t contribute to air, soil and water pollution, and some of them even have health benefits, such as being safe for microwave use. However, it’s important to choose your reusable cup wisely. The material it’s made from matters, as does the design and style. The best reusable iced coffee cup is one that’s durable, has the right lid for your preferences and will fit in most standard cup holders.

The biggest reason to switch over to a reusable cup for your coffee is the environmental impact of using single-use plastics and paper. According to The Guardian, the UK alone goes through 2.5 billion takeaway coffee cups a year. That’s a lot of waste! When switching to a reusable iced coffee cup, it’s also worth considering other eco-friendly products you may need to help your transition, such as reusable stainless steel straws or bamboo lids.

Reusing a reusable iced coffee cup also helps save money. Several coffee shops offer discounts to customers who bring in their own reusable container, and owning your own cup can encourage you to brew at home on some days too, cutting down on the cost of disposable cups. When choosing a reusable cup, be sure to look for the right size for your needs and check whether it’s dishwasher-safe.

This insulated cup has double-wall insulation and comes with an auto-shut lid that keeps the contents hot or cold for hours. It’s available in three sizes and fits in most cupholders, plus it’s dishwasher-safe. Simple Modern offers a flip and straw lid so you can drink with or without a straw, and you can even customize the cup with your name or a design.

Another option is this ceramic mug from Frank Green, which boasts triple-walled thermal insulation to keep your drink warm or cold for hours. It’s available on its own or as part of a set with matching tumblers and a reusable straw. You can even pick your own color from a range of gorgeous shades like deep ocean (pictured) and lilac haze. You can also add a personalized message to the bottom of the mug. The brand walks the sustainability talk, too, and uses BPA-free, non-toxic and food-safe materials in their products.

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