Requirements for a Russian Visa

Russia is understood for its cold climate, vodka, great literature, unique architecture, beautiful nature, and bears. that’s why the amount of foreign tourists in Russia is increasing annually. In 2017, 24.5 million foreign tourists made trips across Russia. Most of them had to get a visa to Russia before making their trip.

What is a Russian Visa?

A Russian visa may be permitted within the sort of a sticker affixed during a traveler’s passport. It allows its holder to enter, stay, and leave Russia within a specified period of your time. It contains the subsequent information:

-the entry and exit dates

-vital information,

-passport details

-information about the person or party that sends you (the visa holder) the invitation.

Do I want a Visa to travel to Russia?

Russia features a very strict visa policy. Most of the planet countries will get to get a visa to Russia, even for tourism. Several others fall into the Russian visa-free regime. This suggests the nationals of those countries don’t need a visa when traveling to Russia.

In addition, Russia has made possible visa-free visits for up to 72 hours for a cruise liner and ferry passengers, via several ports. Transiting without a visa is feasible through several airports. Holders of diplomatic from several countries are exempt from the visa requirement during a few cases also.

Russian Visa Types

Depending on one’s purpose for traveling to Russia, there are several Russian visa types. Each of them has its own requirements, application process and specifications.

The Russian visa types are as follows:

-Russia Diplomatic visa. this is often a visa issued to a far off citizen holding a diplomatic passport. I.e. heads of state, heads of state, members of a politician delegation, etc.

-Russia Service visa. this is often a visa issued to a far off citizen having service (consular, official, special) passport. I.e. members of official delegations, administrative and technical and repair personnel of diplomatic missions, etc.

Russia Ordinary visas.

-Russian Private Visa. This visa is issued to persons traveling to Russia for a brief visit on the idea of a call for participation letter.

-Russian Business Visa. This visa is issued to people traveling to Russia for business. Get thai elite visa

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