Relx Pod Review

Relx pod is a pre-filled vaping device designed for new and existing vapers. They are compact, easy to use and convenient to replace once empty. They come in a variety of flavours, and you can swap out the coil without having to clean it.

RelX pod is available for both RELX Classic and RELX Infinity devices, with a choice of nicotine strengths. Pods are simply pushed into the top of the device and inhale to start vaping. The draw-activated system eliminates the need for buttons, and the pod’s intelligent 11-layer leak free maze design prevents internal leakage.

Each Relx pod contains high-quality e-liquid and undergoes strict quality control checks. All RELX Pod flavours must pass 3 sensory indicators, 7 physical and chemical stability indicators and 22 impurity and pollutant limits to ensure quality from the ingredients to the finished product.

The RELX Pod range includes flavours from a variety of coffee, tea, fruit and other favourites. RELX Iced Latte captures the signature flavour of a hot cup of coffee, with milky sweetness and an icy kick. For those who enjoy fruity flavours, RELX Sunny Sparkle features the refreshing taste of a frosty glass of orange soda.

If you’re looking for something more traditional, the RELX Classic vape pods have a rich tobacco taste that will appeal to your inner cigarette lover. They also contain a little benzoic acid, which is used to make the liquid more palatable to smokers and reduce the pH level in the e-liquid, which makes it smoother on the throat. Relx pod

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