Real Estate CRM and Marketing Software

Real Estate CRM and marketing software are powerful tools for empowering teams to improve client engagement with automated email, meeting schedulers and reminders. Customizable workflows help agents focus on the tasks that matter most while tracking metrics and monitoring performance on reporting dashboards.

Efficient information storage for past, current and potential clients is an essential feature of any Real Estate CRM. CRM tools provide real estate agencies with the ability to consolidate and centralize customer data from multiple sources including online enquiries, website forms, email interaction and phone calls into a detailed customer profile. This provides a complete view of each client with all relevant contact details, property preferences and communication history.

A robust Real Estate CRM will also allow users to prioritize and track sales opportunities using innovative pipeline management tools. For example, Pipedrive allows users to visualize the sale process with different timeline layouts and impose filters on deals so they can prioritize the right leads. This helps agents to stay on track and meet agency revenue goals.

Another popular real estate CRM is Top Producer, an OG in the industry. Top Producer offers real estate agents a simple, clean interface for managing contacts and properties, plus it is synced with MLS listings to make the data even more powerful. In addition to the standard features of a Real Estate CRM, Top Producer also lets users send automated emails, text their clients and create custom templates. In addition, Top Producer allows users to track their revenue through visual reports that highlight key sales trends.

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