Power BI Training Course

Microsoft Power BI is a cloud-based service that allows you to transform your company data into rich visuals that enable new ways of thinking about and organizing it. This course will give you the skills to use Power BI to analyze your data and share it with others.

The Power BI training course will take you from the basics of using the Power BI dashboard and visualization tools to developing effective data visualizations and enabling advanced data connections. This course combines lectures and hands-on labs to build skills that you can apply to your own projects.

Getting Data with Power BI

The first experience that you will encounter when working with Power BI is grabbing data from various sources on-premises or in the cloud. This training will teach you how to prepare and connect your data for analysis by understanding the different methods of transforming the data in a way that is relevant to your analytics need, and what the pitfalls are in doing so.

Building a Data Model with Power BI

The next step is to build a data model to enable Power BI visualization and report creation. This training will explain the best practices of designing data tables in Power BI and also cover how to build a data model that performs fast. It will also introduce the concept of a star-schema and will explain how to build fact and dimension tables.

DAX Expressions and Calculations with Power BI

After you have a better understanding of the structure of a data model, you can start writing calculations in Power BI. This section will explain how to write DAX expressions, and how to create calculated column, measure, and calculated table objects in your data model.

Grouping and Changing Data in a Table with Power BI

The power of transformations is not limited to data wranglers and developers; it can be used by everyone who needs to get their data into the right format for reporting. This section will explain how to group and change data in a table, and what are some generic transformations that can be applied to any kind of table.

Visualization with Power BI

The most important aspect of any data visualization tool is the way it is displayed to the user. This module will cover how to make charts, tables, and visualizations that are easy to understand. It will also explain how to create charts and visualizations in different formats, including interactive visualizations.

Custom Visuals with Power BI

The last aspect of data visualization that you will be introduced to is the concept of custom visuals. This is a feature that is available to all users in Power BI, and it is an extremely powerful part of the tool. This training will discuss how to create and use custom visuals in Power BI, and how to make them more accessible and usable by the end user.

The Power BI training course will help you to learn the fundamentals of Power BI in a fun and interactive environment. This course will include a mix of lecture and hands-on labs to help you gain the skills that you need for self-service business analytics and sharing found insights with your team. This course is ideal for anyone who wants to improve their decision-making by leveraging the interactive visualization and advanced BI tools that Power BI offers.

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