Petrol Fire Fighting Pump

Petrol Fire Fighting Pump are essential tools used to help protect properties from fire. They are designed to increase the pressure (measured in psi or bar) of an existing water supply and are typically installed in commercial or residential properties. The type of fire pump required depends on the property’s needs and the regulations in place for that particular area. The key to selecting the right one is to evaluate the property’s requirements and source expert advice.

There are many types of petrol fire pumps on the market. Some are built for firefighting and must comply with stringent regulations, while others can be used for more general applications. Choosing the right fire fighting pump for your property depends on several factors, including the location, size and water pressure in your area. The type of water pump you need should also be matched with the flow rate of the sprinkler system.

When purchasing a petrol fire fighting pump, you should look at the capacity and performance of the unit to ensure it meets your requirements. You should also consider the amount of power that is needed to operate it, as well as any other additional features or accessories.

This high quality, portable Honda petrol fire fighting pump has a powerful 6.5hp Honda engine and is supplied with an electric and recoil start. It has a single or twin impeller and can be used for a range of tasks including fire fighting, mopping up, washing down machinery and any other job that requires high pressure water.

The Cromtech PH-ALFA 2 BS 23HP petrol fire fighting pump is a very popular solution and can be used for all sorts of water transfer and fire fighting tasks. It has a suction inlet valve that draws water from your tank or water source and a discharge outlet. Its large suction inlet and discharge outlets allow it to have a high maximum delivery lift of up to 80 metres.

It has an impressive max head and high pressure making it ideal for spray booms to help fight Australian bush fires and for transfer of diesel fuel and fluids. This Honda Petrol Powered fire fighting pump has a high output flow rate of up to 550 litres per minute. A genuine, warranty backed Honda engine and great quality components make this pump a top performer in the industry.

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