Padded MMA Gloves

Padded mma gloves are designed to protect the hands and knuckles of an athlete during MMA training, sparring, or competition. The padding in these gloves distributes the impact of a blow evenly, preventing serious injury to the hand. They are much more comfortable than boxing gloves, and they do not restrict movement as much. They also protect the palm and dorsum of the hand, which are prone to injury during a fight.

Mma gloves typically feature a foam core with an outer layer of leather to provide protection from heavy punches. This combination of padding and leather allows for a flexible glove that can be used for both striking and grappling, and it is ideal for fighters who want to improve their anti-wrestling techniques, grappling game, and clinch work. The leather is also durable enough to withstand repeated contact with an opponent, and it will not fade or crack as quickly as other types of material.

Most padded MMA gloves also include finger holes to help keep the glove securely positioned on your hand while you train and fight. This is important because it prevents the gloves from shifting and causing injuries to your fingers, which could be a major problem if they shift during a grappling exchange.

In addition to finger holes, padded MMA gloves should have a soft inner lining to reduce friction between the fingers and wrists. This is especially important for fighters who wear hand wraps, as rubbing can cause painful blisters. Gants mma rembourrés

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