Oribe Hair Products

If you have luscious locks, you’ve probably heard of oribe (pronounced “OR-bee”), a high-end hair care brand that’s beloved by celebrities, models, and a legion of loyal fans. The salon-quality, high-performance line of shampoos, conditioners, styling products, and accessories was founded in 2008 by famed celebrity hairstylist Oribe Canales. The line blends craftsmanship, innovative product technology, and decades of editorial and salon-level styling experience to create a collection of best-selling products that’s fueled deep connections with consumers.

Oribe has become known for its deluxe formulas and sleek, luxurious packaging (think perfume bottles) that take your beauty routine to the next level. The line is filled with essentials like a hairspray to set your style all day, dry texturizing spray for a perfectly lived-in look, and volumizing shampoo for a voluminous boost. Plus, there’s the Gold Lust shampoo fortified with oils and botanical extracts to repair and protect coloured hair, as well as blonde-enhancing formulas to keep your locks looking fresh.

While the oribe brand is pricier than other drugstore options, you’ll find that a little goes a long way since every product is made with the finest ingredients (read: no cheap fillers). Plus, the high-performance formulas are sure to leave your strands soft and lustrous. The company’s luxe feel and signature scent are also a major draw—plus, it’s a name you can trust to make your tresses look good.

In addition to their best-selling Oribe shampoos and conditioners, the brand’s body products are worth checking out too. The rich body cream is a fan favorite and is infused with plant oils and shea butter to nourish skin. Plus, it’s scented with Oribe’s Cote d’Azur fragrance for an all-over summery feel.

If your scalp is in need of some TLC, try the clarifying shampoo that’s formulated with volcanic ash to gently cleanse and exfoliate the scalp without stripping hair color or causing damage. It’s also infused with a blend of soothing ingredients including chamomile and marigold to reduce itchiness and irritation.

For a look that’s totally beachy and effortless, reach for the Oribe dry texturizing spray to add grit and volume with soft hold and the perfect amount of sexy texture. It also absorbs excess oil, so it’s great for second-day greasy hair.

Another popular product is the volumizing shampoo, which uses a blend of ginger root and edelweiss flower to increase lash density for full-bodied tresses. It’s ideal for voluminous, textured, or fine locks that need a little extra lift at the roots.

The brand’s Styling Creme for curly hair helps to define and shape curls, while the styling serum is a must-have for gorgeous, frizz-free shine. There’s even a root touch-up spray to conceal and enhance highlights.

Lastly, Oribe’s sculpting mousse is the ultimate product for thickening and shaping frizz-free waves. You can use the wand or a small amount of the formula in your hands to add definition and texture before styling. Then, finish off your look with Oribe hairspray to lock in your style all day and keep it smelling fresh with a dose of the brand’s signature fragrance. oribe hair products

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