Nusa Penida Tour Package

Nusa Penida Tour Package
Travel to Nusa Penida and discover awe-inspiring spots that will leave you speechless. Drop by magnificent photo stops that are well worth posting on your Instagram, like Angel’s Billabong, Broken Beach, and Kelingking Beach. If you’re into snorkeling, opt to add this activity to your tour package and get up close with manta rays and sea sunfish at Crystal Bay.

Explore the eastern side of Nusa Penida, where cliff-top views are waiting to be explored. Ascend the mesmerizing blue stairway at Peguyangan Beach and feel a sense of spiritual connection with the sea. Then, take in the dramatic landscape at Banah Cliff, where awe-inspiring vistas meet powerful waves.

The most popular way to see the west and east sides of Nusa Penida is to book a join-in day tour. This will include transport to and from Bali, fast boat tickets to Penida, and entrance fees for all the attractions on your itinerary. You can also upgrade to a private day tour for slightly more. One big plus of joining-in tours is that you don’t have to whip out your wallet and pay an entrance fee at each spot individually, which used to be a pain. You only have to do this once when you first arrive at the harbor in Penida, which makes it less stressful. You’ll still need to bring your own snorkeling gear, though! nusa penida tour package

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