Men’s Boxershorts

A lot of men settle on one style of underwear and wear it no matter what, but a wide variety of styles are available to suit different activities and outer garments. Tighter fitting underwear might be best for running at the gym, for example, while looser fits like thongs or g-strings are better for sitting down all day.

The snug fit boxer brief is probably the most popular shape in underwear on the high street and online today (although direct-to-consumer brands are experimenting with many other styles). Deep sided, they sit from below the waist to the top of your thigh. Typically, they have a buttoned fly with a yoke that can be opened wide or closed to create a more open front and some extra stretch.

They are a good choice for slimmer legs as they don’t leave too much excess fabric around the thigh, and they are comfortable under tighter clothing like work pants. Big and tall men with more substantial thighs may find that they ride up when wearing this style.

They are also a good choice for sleeping in as they are breathable and have a low cut to the crotch that doesn’t expose too much skin. However, they are not the best choice for a workout as they lack a great deal of support. men’s bamboo boxershorts

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