Manicure Equipment – What’s Included in a Manicure Set?

Whether you’re giving yourself a manicure or have an appointment at the nail salon, having the right tools is essential. Manicure sets are available in a wide variety of tools, gizmos and gadgets that will help you get the best results. But, before you invest in one, it’s important to understand what all those little tools, pliers and tweezers actually do, and more importantly if they are right for you.

Nail clippers are an important part of most manicure sets and are used to trim the ends of your nails. A quality set will also have a slightly serrated edge for cutting tougher calluses and thickened skin on the fingertips and toes. The blades will generally be either stainless steel or a combination of chromium and nickel. Both types of metal are known for durability and not rusting or wearing down easily.

Cuticle nippers are another crucial piece of manicure equipment that will help you maintain your nails and protect your health. These nippers have a sharp tapered off edge that can be used to gently snip away the overgrown cuticle at the base of your fingernail or toenail without cutting any live nail or causing pain.

A good quality pair of nail scissors are usually included in most manicure sets as well. These can be a general purpose pair or a special type of nail scissor called “Safety scissors” that have small, rounded tips on the ends of the blades and are designed for safely cutting sensitive areas like nose hair, eyebrows and ear wax.

Another important piece of manicure equipment that is often overlooked is a nail file. These can be a general purpose or a glass nail file. Some people find that a glass nail file works better as it’s more gentle on your nails but if you have a traditional steel nail file, make sure to always swipe the file in only one direction as filing back and forth can cause micro tears in the nail.

Lastly, a manicure tool that you may not have in your arsenal is an orangewood stick, which is used to push back the overgrown cuticles at the base of your nails. This is an important step in any manicure before applying any nail polish or gel.

This is a great, full size manicure and pedicure kit that has a variety of useful tools all in one convenient carry case. The kit includes nail clippers, a nail peeler, a cuticle and hangnail trimmer and pusher, tweezers and scissors. You can even store other small grooming items in this case such as blackhead needles, a nail brush and a ring holder. This is a perfect little kit for travel and on-the-go manicures. Équipements de manucure

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