Los Angeles and its weather

Los Angeles is a city of United States of America. This city is in state of California United States of America. After New York it is the second most populated city of United States. According to census done in 2010 in United States of America the population of Los Angeles was3,792,621. The total area of Los Angeles is 1,213.8 square kilometre. It is located to south of California.The climate in Los Angeles is Mediterranean. Annually the average temperature of the L.A is approximately 16°C. Maximum Temperature of the city is 28°C in July and minimum temperature is 9°C in December. The month of August the temperature is usually in between 26°C to 32°C. In Los Angeles the temperatures arehigher than 32°C in April,

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 May, June, July and August. Maximum temperaturewas 45°Cwhich was on 27 September 2010 and minimum was -4°Cwhich was on 22 December 1944. The average annual temperature in downtown of Los Angeles is 19°C.

As the city of Los Angeles is located on Pacific Ring of Fire. Due to this there is one major fault in earth plate in Los Angeles which is San Andreas Fault there are many possibilities that earthquakes may hit the city of Los Angeles. Major earthquakes that have caused damage and have hit Los Angeles severely were 1933’s Long beach earthquake, 1994’s Northridge earthquake, 1960’s Valdivia earthquake.Los Angeles is rich in beauty it have wetlands, beaches and mountains. Los Angeles sunflowersarepopular in the world and these are rare sunflowers that are only found in Los Angeles. Other plants include California poppy, toyon, Coast live oak and Giant Wildrye. Los Angeles has famous ports which are famous in the world these ports are Port of Los Angeles and Port of Long Beach. There are four bridges here as well that are famous in the world. The four bridges that are famous to the world are Vincent Thomas Bridge, Henry Ford Bridge,Commodore Schuyler F. Heim Bridge and Gerald Desmond Bridge. People come here to see these ports and bridges.

Los Angeles has many industries. These industries includemedia,technology,fashion, culture,international tradescience, education, and entertainment. In the world Los Angeles is 3rd largest economic center its GMP is about 831 billion dollars after Greater Tokyo and New York City. Los Angeles is on tops the world in terms of entertainment. In entertainment films or motion pictures, television, music and video games. The city of Los Angeles is also famous for sports as well the famous sports teams that are known in the world are Los Angeles Dodgers, Los Angeles Kings, National Hockey League, Los Angeles Clippers and some more.Los Angeles is also known due to its culture. Due to this it is known as ‘Creative Capital of the World’. Los Angeles is basically a center of a home of Hollywood which is United States of America’s Film Industry. The performing arts play promotes Los Angeles culture to the world. In performing arts play there are many people in it there are about more than 1000 performing groups, theatre groups, dance groups and musical groups. grow your business

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