Living at Reserve Residences

Living at Reserve Residences is an exciting new chapter in your life. Enjoy the comforts of home with community amenities that are designed to meet your every need. Socialize in the upscale clubroom, show off your expertise in the billiards room, keep on top of your fitness routine with our state-of-the-art cardio-theater fitness center or unwind with a refreshing swim in the resort style pool. And with easy access to US 80 and I-185, shopping, local dining and area recreation are just minutes away.

Although the quality of life on reserves continues to improve, many First Nations still struggle with socio-economic problems such as inadequate housing and limited incomes. In addition, some communities are overcrowded with many families sharing one house. This creates conditions that can lead to poor health and educational achievement, especially for children.

Providing affordable housing is a key objective for the government of Canada and its provinces. However, the housing situation in many First Nation communities is complex and requires a broad range of policies and programs to help overcome barriers. This evaluation reviews the design and impact of the Housing on-Reserve Program, which is the largest program for providing assistance to First Nation home owners. It also considers the impacts of the Ministerial Loan Guarantees, Shelter Allowance component of the Income Assistance Program and capacity development initiatives. While short-term successes have been achieved through large influxes of proposal-based funding, overall, INAC’s approach to housing on-reserve has not yet resulted in long-term broad improvements.

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