Invest With Teri – Trade and Travel 2.0 Review

If you’re a day trader looking to make more money than the stock market is giving you, then you should check out this course. It’s called Trade and Travel 2.0 and it’s taught by Teri Ijeoma, who is a millionaire trader and the founder of Invest With Teri. The course was updated in 2019, and it includes advanced trading strategies that help you make more money during a bear market. It’s a must-have for all day traders.

Teri began trading stocks over a decade ago as a side hustle to finance her wanderlust and love of worldwide travel (she’s visited Australia, the Maldives, Vietnam, Israel, and more). She quickly became successful at consistently making profitable trades, which is no small feat considering more than 90% of day traders LOSE money! She eventually decided to make this her full-time career, and in 2017, she founded Trade and Travel.

Thousands of people from around the world use the Trade and Travel platform to earn a supplemental income from day trading, and tens of thousands have already enrolled in her free course. In addition to the training videos and PDF worksheets, this course also includes community support in the form of group coaching calls and student study groups.

Teri has a unique approach to teaching her students about trading and investing, because she believes that anyone can be successful in the markets if they’re properly educated. That’s why she created her course – it’s not a get-rich-quick scheme, but rather a series of steps that will gradually build your confidence and comfort level with taking your first trade. trade and travel 2.0

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