Instant Boiling Water Tap

Boiling water taps add instant hot water to your kitchen, eliminating the need for a kettle and making cooking and brewing tea easier. They look great too, bringing a touch of class to your worktop.

However, they do have some costs to consider; there’s installation, maintenance and the price of replacement filters to factor in.

It’s great for filling pans

If you want to ditch your kettle and bring a modern edge to your kitchen design, then a boiling water tap is the perfect solution. These sleek and stylish taps look the business on any kitchen countertop and can save you a great deal of time by boiling water instantly. They also don’t cost as much as a kettle to run and are great for the environment too.

Boiling water taps are similar to instant hot water dispensers but they heat the water directly so it’s super-hot and not just lukewarm or warm. There are models that only provide boiling water while others also offer filtered cold water and some even have a built-in coffee machine!

Depending on the model you choose, you can expect to get between 2 and 4 litres of boiling water which is enough for a two-person household. The taps also feature different temperature settings so you can boil the exact amount of water you need.

Some taps are single function that sit separate from your main kitchen tap while others like the Franke Omni 4-in-1 are a complete sink replacement and deliver filtered 100oC boiling water, filtered cold water and domestic mains hot/cold all in one neat tap. This can save space on your worktops and is an ideal option for elderly households or those with limited mobility who might struggle with lifting a heavy kettle.

It’s a stylish addition

There’s nothing quite like the luxury of having instant boiling water at your fingertips. These taps can save you time and money by eliminating the need for a kettle or pan, and they’re also a stylish addition to any modern kitchen. They’re available in a range of colours and finishes, so you can find the perfect tap to suit your home.

Boiling water taps typically consist of a thermally-insulated tank that keeps the water hot at all times, and you can dispense it as required. Many models feature a child-safe spring lock and spout that’s insulated, which protects against scalding accidents. They also have a built-in monitor that alerts you when the tap is running low on hot water, and it automatically switches off once the temperature has reached 100oC.

Some taps also come with carbonation functions, which enable you to dispense fizzy water as well as boiling water. They’re also compatible with various hot water systems, and they can be used alongside regular hot and cold taps.

Another benefit of boiling water taps is that they’re much more energy efficient than traditional taps. They only use a fraction of the energy that a kettle uses and can reduce your gas bill by cutting down on the amount of boiling water you waste. Plus, they prevent water wastage by only releasing water once it’s needed, which can save litres of water each year.

It’s easy to use

Unlike a kettle that takes time to boil and can be difficult to clean, a boiling water tap heats up and dispenses aqua in a matter of seconds. Typically, these taps are easy to use and feature a safety button so the water can’t be turned on accidentally. Some also have a sprung handle that turns off automatically when you release it.

Whether you’re making a cup of tea or preparing to cook a meal, these smart taps are perfect for modern family kitchens. You can quickly prepare soup, blanch vegetables or make a pan of pasta and they’re perfect for jumping-starting the cooking process when you’re short on time.

Designed to look like a regular tap, these innovative solutions combine a streamlined mixer tap with a separate hot water tank which neatly nestles under your sink. They’re available in a range of finishes and blend well with modern styles but can easily be fitted into traditional settings too. All the products from Blanco are made to a high standard and come with a guarantee. You can even find models that dispense filtered and chilled water for an added benefit. Check what each tap includes before buying to ensure you’re getting all the features that you need. There’s a price difference between different models too and you’ll need to factor in installation, servicing and replacement filters depending on the brand.

It’s safe

Boiling water taps work the same as any standard tap but are designed with safety in mind from the start. They’re typically 3-in-1 taps that can dispense hot, cold and boiling water and are available in all sorts of finishes and styles. Some can even deliver genuinely 100oC aqua – hot enough to boil a kettle. This is perfect for people who struggle to lift heavy, hot objects such as kettles and can be a great help for elderly people too.

They’re also much more energy efficient than traditional appliances such as kettles, reducing the amount of time and energy that is used to heat up water in your home. It’s estimated that heating up water accounts for 20% of the energy we use in our homes and boiling water taps help to cut this figure down.

They also reduce the need to leave the kettle boiled and left unattended, which can be dangerous, especially for children. Most models come with some form of safety precaution, such as a child lock or spring loaded levers that make it impossible to leave the tap running unattended. You can also find taps with temperature settings that can be dialled in and presets configured so you know exactly what you’re getting every time. It’s worth checking out your manufacturer guides for specific instructions on how to safely use your new tap. instant boiling water tap

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