Insinkerator Disposers

Insinkerator is an ingenious invention for household kitchens allowing for food waste disposal. The disposer grinds the waste into a liquefied form and flushes it down the drain, avoiding clogged drains. The disposer can be installed in your new kitchen or retrofitted to your existing one, and is a smart and convenient option. This avoids having to put food waste in the bin that can attract pests and also reduces landfill waste. The disposer is fitted underneath the sink and connected to the sewage network by a licensed plumber, ensuring it is safe and hygienic.

InSinkErator disposers are made of higher quality materials compared to Waste King, and this unavoidably reflects in their pricing. They also offer more models to suit a variety of budgets. However, their disposers do tend to produce more noise when turned on. This is because they use permanent magnet motors that reach full speed (RPM) immediately when turned on compared to the slower induction motors used in Waste King disposers.

In addition, InSinkErator disposers are known to have a longer lifespan than Waste King disposers. Both brands have their own benefits and disadvantages, so the final decision comes down to which suits your kitchen best. InSinkErator also has a wider range of compatible sinks and accessories to choose from, making it easy to find a disposal that matches.

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