How to Properly Perform an Exterior House Wash

A clean house exterior is about more than winning the “prettiest house on the block award.” The home’s windows, siding, roof, and porch protect us from the elements and keep moisture out. When they’re not cleaned, these materials can start to rot and weaken or crack over time. They can also attract insects, and they can spread mold spores that can pose serious health risks to the people who live inside.

A regular exterior house wash prevents this damage by removing the buildup of grime and debris. The best way to do this is with a soft wash system, which uses a low pressure source with specialized cleaning solutions and water to safely remove biological elements from the home’s surfaces. Pressure washing is also an effective option, but it requires proper care to avoid damaging the surface of the home or its surrounding vegetation.

The first step is to tarp all plants and other areas that will not be getting washed. Next, the professional will prep each area to be cleaned by removing any loose debris and cleaning out any drains or gutters that are blocked. Finally, they will start washing the home’s surfaces using either a soft wash or pressure wash system.

Both cleaning systems work well to get rid of accumulated dirt, grime, mildew, algae and other organic material on the surface of traditional stucco, aluminum, steel, or wood homes. The professional will use the right amount of hose pressure and cleaner for each surface type and will follow appropriate safety guidelines. exterior house wash

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