How to Do the Ask Me Anything on Snapchat

How to Do the Ask Me Anything on Snapchat

Snapchat is a messaging app that allows you to share photos and videos that vanish in 24 hours. It also has other features, such as face lenses and world lenses. It has become one of the most popular social media platforms in the world.

You can ask your friends questions through a question sticker in your story. They can respond to the question privately, and you can repost the response in a new story with an image or video overlay.


Snapchat’s sticker feature is an easy way to add a little more personality to your snaps. You can use stickers to create a message, express your mood, or simply decorate a photo or video. The stickers are available in a variety of styles, from emojis to animated characters. You can also create your own custom stickers. The app’s search functionality makes it easy to find the right sticker for your snap. Just type a word or a keyword to quickly suggest relevant stickers.

After taking a picture or selecting an image from your gallery, tap the small circular button in the bottom center of the screen to capture a cute selfie. Then, select the sticker icon from the toolbar on the right side of the screen to see different options for your snap. There are six stickers to choose from. These include stickers for places, food, animals, and emotions. You can also create your own custom stickers by tapping the scissors icon on the toolbar and tracing around an object on a photo to turn it into a sticker. A stylus can make this process easier, as it allows you to trace more accurately. You can then rearrange and resize the sticker as desired.

You can also add a sticker to a chat conversation. To do this, click on the sticker icon that resembles a square with a folded corner. You can then drag the sticker across the screen to reposition it. You can also pinch it to resize it. The stickers you created will be saved on your sticker list for future use.

Another interesting sticker is Dress Up, which uses your face to transform you into a cute animal or character. It can be a great alternative to Bitmoji, but it’s important not to overuse this sticker because it could end up annoying your friends.

Another new feature on Snapchat is the Question sticker, which lets you ask a question to your followers and get answers. You can choose from two types of questions: a simple open question and a poll with multiple choices. You can also share your questions in your story, which is a great way to attract more users.


The Sendit feature on Snapchat allows users to add a question prompt to their Stories. Their friends can then answer the questions anonymously, and the responses are sent to the user’s Sendit inbox. The app also lets users create group Sendits. To use the app, users must first download it and link it to their Snapchat account. After that, they can start answering questions and having fun with their friends.

The app is available for both iOS and Android devices. To download the app, visit the Play Store on your smartphone and search for “Sendit.” After that, tap on the Install button, and wait for the app to install. Once the app is installed, follow the on-screen instructions to complete the setup process. You must accept the terms of service and allow Sendit to access your device’s camera, contacts, messages, and calls to use the app.

Tweens and teens love trying out new apps and social media platforms to stay connected with their friends and family. However, some parents worry about the safety of these apps for their kids. The good news is that Sendit is an anonymous app that offers safe gaming for teens. It also lets parents monitor their child’s activities and prevent them from participating in harmful behavior.

Users can choose games from the app, launch them within Snapchat, and invite friends to play with them. Their Sendit inbox receives their friends’ responses to the photo-based questions, and players can pay hints that reveal the identities of anonymous respondents. The app also offers a diamond membership, which enables members to play exclusive games and enjoy an ad-free experience.

The app is free to download, but requires an internet connection and a Snapchat account. It also requires a minimum of 17 years old to sign up for an account. It is important to remember that only one account per person can be created, and parents should ensure their children are using the app responsibly. Parents can also monitor their children’s activity and encourage them to report any bullying or harassment they see on the app.


The Snapchat feature Yolo (You Only Live Once) lets you ask anonymous questions to your friends and get answers back. It’s a fun way to spice up your social media experience and make for some good laughs. But it’s also a bit dangerous, especially for young people who might not be able to control the content they post. This app is gaining popularity quickly, and some Snapchat users have reported being victimized by it.

The app works by connecting to your Snapchat account using your login and Bitmoji. After you sign in, you can ask for feedback from your followers. You can also see incoming questions in the Yolo app, but you have to go to Snapchat to answer them. Unlike other similar apps, Yolo does not screen all responses and will only display the ones that are appropriate for its community. This has led to some controversy, and some users have been posting offensive language.

You can share a question on your story or send it to a specific set of contacts. When you’re done, click the yellow “Share” button in the bottom right corner of your screen. It will then upload to your Snapchat stories. You can add all of the standard Snapchat story elements, including arrows and a text box for your question.

YOLO has a simple interface that makes it easy to use, and you can choose from a variety of backgrounds and fonts to customize your message. Moreover, you can also add a custom background image or video to your story. You can even include stickers, filters and other features to further customize your story.

Another advantage of YOLO is that you can track and manage your responses. You can also delete and block other users. In addition, you can also change your username and password if needed. This will help you stay safe and prevent other users from accessing your account.

Although there are many ways to engage in AMAs on Snap, the most important thing is to be responsible. If you’re not careful, your conversations could turn negative, or worse, you might end up compromising your privacy. It’s also a good idea to limit who can interact with you through this feature, as it can lead to unwanted messages and spam.


With the introduction of the new Snapchat feature, users are now able to create and share polls with their friends. The app’s developers are hoping that this will be an effective way to gather feedback on a variety of topics. While this may be true, it is important to keep in mind the risks of anonymous polls. This is especially the case when it comes to cyberbullying and sexual harassment.

The app works by letting the creator of the poll choose a question and options, and then attach it to their Snapchat story for their friends to vote on. Once the results are in, the creator can then see who voted for and against them. The creator of the poll can also choose to make the responses public or private. This allows for greater control over how the data is viewed and used.

To use the app, open Snapchat and tap the camera icon. Then, tap the sticker button, which is the white square in the top right corner of the screen. From there, tap the Polly option. You can then add a poll to your snap by dragging it into the sticker menu or typing in the text field. You can also create a new question by selecting the dice icon at the top of the screen.

Once you have created a Poll, it will be available in the sticker drawer where it can be added to a snap or shared via Twitter or Facebook. The app is easy to use and makes it simple for people to gather opinions anonymously. It’s also a great tool for brands to use to gain insight into their audience.

While Polly is less dangerous than Sarahah, an app that allows anonymous comments on Snapchat stories, it is still a potentially problematic app. If your child has access to a device with this type of functionality, be sure to talk to them about how it could be used for cyberbullying and other inappropriate purposes. You should also consider implementing parental controls to prevent apps like this from being downloaded and linked to Snapchat.

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