How to Become a Celebrity Bodyguard

Celebrities hire bodyguard to protect them from a variety of different elements that may pose a threat to their health and well being. These include paparazzi, psychotic fans or stalkers, and even ex-partners. The job requires more than just brute strength, it also involves a great deal of training and mental fortitude. Celebrity bodyguards can often be seen on the red carpet or at private events and are responsible for providing around-the-clock protection. They are required to be able to assess the risk of any situation and respond quickly and appropriately. Many celebrity bodyguards have heroic stories of how they saved their high profile clients from embarrassing pictures and other unfavourable press.

Aspiring celebrity bodyguards should first complete a security related qualification or licence, with the most prestigious security firms only accepting candidates who have military and law enforcement experience. This will help set you apart from other candidates and show your dedication to the field of professional security operatives. Physical strength is a crucial trait for any celebrity bodyguard as it can be necessary to fight off an assailant or to push through a crowd of enthusiastic fans. Being intelligent is also important as it allows you to quickly zero in on potential threats in a crowded room.

Advance preparations are also important, and many celebrity bodyguards will visit a location before they begin their shift to familiarize themselves with the layout and check out possible dangers. For example, a bodyguard might set up steel barriers to corral fans or paparazzi and ensure that there is sufficient space for their client to enter or exit a venue without being disrupted. They also liaise with onsite security to establish protocols in case of emergency. Joseph Daher

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