How the Katana Sword is Made

The Katana sword is a Japanese sword with a long, narrow blade. Its unique shape allows it to adapt to the body movements of a warrior during combat. This characteristic makes it easier to draw and hit in one movement. The Katana is a weapon of choice for many martial arts.

A katana is made of hardened tamahagane steel. To make it, the smith heats the metal and then strikes and elongates it using a hammer called tsuchi. It is then folded repeatedly, a process known as muotoshiki (folding method of forging). This creates the distinctive curved shape of a Katana.

Once the katana is made, it is then tempered. This is a critical step in the katana making process because it changes the physical properties of the metal and strengthens it.

After tempering, the smith uses water to cool down the katana. This step is important because it prevents the katana from becoming too hot, which could cause it to crack or break during use.

The katana is then polished with a special stone to remove the black taint and to ensure that the Mune and Shinogichi are straight. Once this is done, the katana is finished with the Sageo – a rope that allows it to be hung on the practitioner’s belt. The Sageo is available in a variety of colors and materials.

The tsuka-ito or Ito is the outer layer of the handle (Tsuka). Modern ito is typically cotton, rayon or leather. It is wrapped around the samegawa ray skin layer and features traditional ornaments. It is designed to facilitate gripping and offer an aesthetic side to the tsuka. It also helps to absorb blows and reflects the katana’s Japanese heritage. buy demon slayer katana online

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