How Much Does a Bathroom Renovation Cost in Melbourne?

When it comes to reworking your home, the bathroom seems to be one of the most popular areas of the house to upgrade. From lacklustre showers to bath sizes patently unfit for purpose, or towel rails that fall off if you’re too firm, many Australian bathrooms could do with a bit of an upgrade. Not only are these spaces one of the most frequently used in the home, but a new bathroom can add significant long term value.

However, with so much to do in a renovation (including replacing all fittings and fixtures, laying new tiles, and moving plumbing lines) the cost can get pretty high. And if you’re planning to include high-end or luxury options, you’re looking at a much bigger budget.

The first thing to consider is the scope of your reno, with Hipages splitting bathroom renovations into three categories:


This tier includes a basic renovation using mid-range fittings and fixtures. It can include some alterations to the location of plumbing and electricals but won’t be anything too major. It might also include fancier options like free-standing bathtubs and vanities, frameless shower screens and in-wall cisterns.


This tier goes all out to turn your bathroom into a little oasis of indulgence. It can include a lot of the same elements as a standard reno but with extras like heated towels racks and underfloor heating. Typically, this will be the largest of the three categories and will come with a hefty price tag. bathroom renovation cost melbourne

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