How Basement Finishing Can Increase Your Home’s Value

Finished basements are one of the most popular renovation projects among homeowners. They boost home resale value and provide living space.

Be wary of a contractor who claims to be available right away and has little to no project backlog. This could be a sign that they do shoddy work.


Ceilings are a major component of any room and can affect the aesthetic. They create a sense of enclosure and separation between rooms, and they can control the diffusion of light. Additionally, they can conceal building services like ducts, wiring and pipes.

Northern Colorado Basement Finishing often involves a lot of work, especially if a new room is being added. This includes framing, drywall and inspections to ensure that all security codes are met.

A great way to add a sense of height is to paint the ceiling a crisp white. This technique makes the walls and ceilings look as if they are one cohesive unit. However, it does reduce effective insulation. To offset this, a sheathing of R-11 insulation butts can be installed.


A finished basement can increase your home’s value and make it a more comfortable space for you and your family. It can also provide a great opportunity for entertaining and sports team bonding.

One of the most important aspects to consider when planning a basement remodel is the flooring. Your options include carpeting, hardwood or laminate. Each will come with different costs.

It’s also important to keep track of the various costs of your basement remodeling project. The last thing you want is to go over budget. A good way to stay in control of your budget is to regularly deduct expenses from each category. You can do this by keeping a log and tracking them on a daily basis.


Framing basement walls requires a number of specific steps. The drywall must be moisture resistant and a minimum of R13 insulation needs to be installed. This is especially important in the Colorado area where we often experience very cold temperatures.

A minimum of one egress window is also required in order to meet building code regulations for your basement remodel. This ensures a safe way to escape in the event of a fire in your basement.

Floating walls are also important for basement remodels in Colorado due to expansive soils. These soils contain a clay called bentonite that swells when it gets wet. This can cause foundation shifts and structural damage if non-floating basement walls are used. With floating walls, there is a 1.5’ gap between the bottom of the joists and floor and ceiling plates to allow for this movement.


Basement finishing is an excellent way to increase the resale value of your home and create a functional space. Whether you want to transform your space into a playroom for the kids, a home office or entertainment area, Nickelson Construction has a variety of options to fit your vision.

Some things that affect the price of a basement finishing project include if rooms will be a bedroom or bathroom, as these require the installation of plumbing fixtures and egress windows for fire safety code compliance. Also, if you are going to add custom built-ins or a kitchenette, those will also increase the cost. It’s also a good idea to have a well-thought-out plan, which can help to reduce the overall project cost. This will ensure that the contractor has everything they need to complete the work you want on time and within your budget.


The framing of basement walls prepares the space for processes like plumbing, wiring and insulation packing. This step also involves building the wall frames to the size that the homeowner wants, which can affect the overall cost of the project.

It is important that the electrical installation for the basement be done properly, as this will allow the home to meet certain requirements that are set forth by local building codes. Failure to meet these guidelines could result in fines or a requirement that the work that has been done is torn out and redone.

Finishing your basement gives you more livable space and can increase your home’s value. It is an affordable alternative to adding on an addition. It can be used as a living room, bedroom, home office and more.

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