Grainger Rockwell Hardness Tester For Sale

A rockwell hardness tester for sale is a tool used to measure the strength and stiffness of materials such as metals. This instrument uses a hard metal indenter, usually a diamond cone or steel ball, to penetrate the surface of the material being tested. A hardness tester can measure both the penetration depth and the resulting impression left by the indenter. Different testing methods are used for different applications. Grainger offers a wide variety of rockwell hardness testers for sale, including bench-top models and portable hardness testers. Whether you need to test soft-bearing metals or tungsten carbides, we have the hardness tester that’s right for you.

The rockwell hardness tester for sale we carry are designed to test a wide variety of metals including steel and cast iron. They are also ideal for testing engineering plastics, and can be used to convert readings to the most popular hardness scales such as HB, HRB, HV, HK, and more.

Our selection of dependable analog and digital portable hardness testers includes models that can perform regular or superficial Rockwell hardness tests, as well as Brinell and Vickers testing. Many of these hardness testers have a configurable load cell, which allows for more precise measurement than traditional analog models. They are also equipped with a high resolution digital display that provides accurate and easy-to-read results. These hardness testers are available with a range of accessories to ensure that they can meet the needs of a wide variety of applications and industries.

If you’re looking for a portable hardness tester that’s more advanced, check out the new Qualitest PHT-1900. It features a state-of-the-art design that includes auto-probe detection and automatic direction detection as well as a clean crisp LCD display with blazing fast test speeds. It can easily convert tests to the most popular hardness scales and includes a variety of useful functions that are perfect for busy workshop use.

In addition to our rockwell hardness tester for sale, we also offer a wide selection of handheld ultrasonic hardness testers. These units use sound waves to evaluate the quality of solid materials, such as concrete and metals, without damaging them. They can measure both hardness and internal defects in a sample and can be used for both non-destructive and destructive inspections. These handheld units are small and compact, making them easy to take with you on the go. They can be used in contact testing or immersion testing, with the latter using a liquid to allow for better movement of the sound waves.

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