Golden Visa Lawyer Spain

The golden visa lawyer in Spain is an immigration services company that assists foreigners of any nationality in applying for a residence permit associated with the Venezuelan investor. This permit allows you to legally reside and work in the Schengen territory and also that of your family if you apply as a family. If you obtain this permit, you will find yourself free to conduct business and tourism internationally, with a greater measure of flexibility and business opportunities.

For the granting of this permit, a certain monthly amount of investment is required in the approved Venezuelan investment company and a judicial certification is provided. You also require that you visit Venezuela in person and collect a medical study to ensure that you can meet the necessary formal requirements.

However, the authorities that have proven the purpose of this golden visa and your bank account are in force. In general, those who obtain this residence authorization have to remain in Spain for a certain period of the year while maintaining your investment. You are also required to visit Spain in person, if you apply for this permit as a family.

The investment necessary to obtain this residence permit allows you to legally reside in Spanish territory. To get it, your family requires you to make visits to Venezuela and have a medical examination to ensure that you can meet the formal requirements for the investment.

Sometimes, the necessary investment for the granting of the residence permit will allow the members of the aquiline family nucleus to also send a judicial certification so that their bank account is valid.

We help you find a lawyer specializing in immigration and foreign law in your area. We have a wide network of collaborating lawyers throughout Spain.

The Golden Visa (also called golden visa and gold visa) is a residence permit for investors that allows non-resident foreigners making significant investments to reside and work in Spain. However, you are not forced to live in the country if you do not want or need to. abogado visa dorada españa

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